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HAURATOn drainage of infrastructure projects

Drainage solutions from HAURATON

HAURATON has been one of the world leader in supplying effective drainage systems for 65 years. We offer a wide variety of drainage solutions for infrastructure projects in over 13 countries in South, Southeast and East Asia to suit your project requirements.  Our drainage solutions have been installed in many high profile projects globally.

Easy & quick installation

Easy processing and installation & low long-term maintenance costs

High quality materials

RECYFIX recycled composite channels: Shatterproof, durable & corrosion-resistant

Hydraulically efficient

Our channels drain extensive areas even in heavy rainfall

Overview of trench drain systems

Heavy rainfall, climate changes and unpredictable weather patterns are impacting the way we control surface water. Professional drainage trench systems are becoming an important element for groundwork infrastructure. These systems are designed to quickly and effectively remove surface water from a variety of application areas to help prevent flooding or standing water.

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Hydraulic Design Software

Our free and simple to use DesignSoftware produces precise hydraulic calculations for our range of drainage channels. The software allows construction professionals to easily access channel sizing, project design and product specification to create accurate hydraulic analysis.


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