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Drainage solutions for infinite possibilities

HAURATON have been a world leader in supplying effective drainage systems for over 65 years. We offer a wide variety of drainage solutions for a range of application area to suit your project requirements, including: industrial units, airports, public spaces and retail and commercial complexes. You can choose from a range of different drainage channels, which are manufactured from polypropylene or fibre-reinforced concrete. We also have a range of grating options that meet your specific application area.


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Public Space

public space square in Sopot, Poland

Car Parks & Multi-Storeys

Car park drainage at Audi in Germany with DRAINFIX CLEAN

Retail and Commercial

Whiteley shopping outlet with SLOTTED CHANNEL


Drainage airport


Pit lane Motorsport race track Sochi


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Unique Requirements

Special drainage designs for unique and innovative applications

Superior Aesthetics

A bespoke and precise channel design when high-quality aesthetics are required

Design Flexibility

Total flexibility regarding channel system dimensions, configuration, materials and other special characteristics

Other areas that may interest you

SuDs within in a industrial estate

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Hydraulic calculation software on laptop at construction site

Hydraulic Design Software